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Meet and discover the local artisans of Edinburgh


Traditional Handmade Kilt Making


Nestled in the shop floor of a seventeenth-century Canongate tenement, Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers have been trading handmade kilts and traditional highlandwear since 2009. As the very name suggests,

the man in forefront of the family business, Gordon, had a simple dream:

to promote a better standard of kilt making.


Today a team of dedicated individuals continue to successfully celebrate

and conserve authentic Scottish craftsmanship through a family of interwoven endeavours.


In 2015 Gordon founded the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy to establish a higher standard of hand sewn kilt making for future generations of artisans.

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"A kilt is something that is, often, purchased to mark

a special occasion or Birthday. It is then worn at marked

life events and in some cases passed down to the next generation. A son will wear the same tartan as his father, and his father before him. Every stitch is going to mean the world to someone and their family. This is one of the most rewarding parts of creating an entirely handmade garment. To watch that level of craftsmanship go on to be enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime reminds us that what the kiltmakers hands can create... is important, is valued.


Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers has proudly raised

the standard of kiltmaking to its highest, and now strives

to ensure the skills future by teaching the next generation of talented, highly skilled kiltmakers."